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Drug Court Medallions - Drug Court Rewards
Drug Court Graduation Coins

Choose from a wide assortment of Drug Court Specific and Drug Court Appropriate Tokens

Sober Camel Recovery Store has a variety of messages on our coins that serve as silent reminders, rewards and graduation gifts.
And We have the Right Inspirational Message Token for Your Program!

Drug Court Stock Tokens - Drug Court Customized Tokens

Drug Court Gradation Medallion

Drug Court Medallion

Stock Drug Court Medallion

Custom Drug Court Coins

Partially Customized Drug Court Medallions

Graduate Key ChainCustomized Key ChainDrug Court Key Chain

Drug Court Keytags

Customized Drug Court Medallions

Stock Secular Medallions


Stock Serenity Prayer Tokens

Fully Customized Medallions

Their low cost and effectiveness makes these tokens great for Drug Court Rewards and Graduations

Sober Camel has supplied Rehab Centers and Sobriety Groups with reward tokens for many years.
We are pleased to have added specially made Drug Court Medallions to that list.

Standard Stock Medallions including Secular Medallions appropriate for most Drug Courts
And Fully Customized Medallions

At the Sober Camel we also have several styles of medallions that Drug Courts may find useful.
Many courts choose from our many styles to honor phases through the court and then graduation.

Sober Camel has worked with Drug Courts regularly and we are eager to assist you.

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Our EIN is 27-5069334


If you are looking for us in a database, such as the CCR, and are having a difficult time finding us, we had a corporate name change last year. Our current corporate name is Sober Camel LLC, our previous corporate name was Aztec One Sober Camel LLC - In some instances AztecOne is is one word and some it is 2 words.

Please note our current mailing address is

Sober Camel Recovery Store

The  tradition of medallions has spread from AA groups to all kinds of self help groups. The reason for the popularity is that the recipients report that these tokens given as milestones really do provide inspiration and strength in times of doubt.

Giving participants a form of silent reminder to carry in thier pocket offers them one more tool to keep thier lives on track

Drug Court Medallions, Rewards and Graduations.

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